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We’ve introduced great new escalation options for new debts

Although Ezi Debt Collection has been successful in recovering 90% of debts in which full contact information has been provided to us, there are still a few debts that require a little more effort than others.

It’s because of this that Ezi Debt Collection is proud to reveal that we’ve recently introduced some fantastic new escalation options which will help in the collection of outstanding troublesome debts from debtors.

These options will feature dedicated, specialised field collection agents who will deliver a more intensive collection process to help in the recovery of problem debts, and may continue to the initiation of legal proceedings if so desired by the Ezi Debt Collection customers.

By introducing these intensive collection methods, Ezi Debt Collection provides the opportunity to recover an even higher percentage of their outstanding debts, allowing them to get paid what they’re owed and continuing with the actual work of managing their business.

The introduction of these methods also represents Ezi Debt Collection’s ongoing commitment to refining and improving our debt collection services and customer experience. We’re serious about delivering on our promise to revolutionise the way which business people approach debt collection.