Import debts from MYOB

To import outstanding debts from MYOB using Ezi Debt Collection, log in to your Ezi Debt Collection account, select “add a debt” and then “import from MYOB”. From here, you’ll be able to select and import debts you’d like Ezi Debt Collection to collect upon.

Install our MYOB EDC App

Want to have all outstanding debts automatically forwarded to Ezi Debt Collection for recovery?

Our MYOB EDC App gives you the ability to continually feed new debts for collection. Simply select how long you’d like to wait before a debt is transferred to Ezi Debt Collection (for example, 30 days after they are due), and our MYOB app can take care of the rest. Once you’ve registered your bank account details with us, we’ll be able to transfer any repaid debts directly to you.

About MYOB

MYOB is a leading accounting platform offering options from desktop software to cloud solutions. MYOB’s solutions are designed to help business people be more productive, giving them more time to spend on their business or themselves. MYOB can help to simplify accounting, payroll, payments, retail point of sale, CRM, job management, professional tax solutions, websites and more.