How it works

EDC uses a comprehensive collection process to give the best chance of recovering payment.

Using contact details provided by the creditor, Ezi Debt Collection’s team of experts engage debtors, managing their cases to secure debt repayment.

Our process balances a serious, stern nature with a relationship management focus. EDC offers flexibility and understanding in the repayment of debts, accepting payment plans and settlement negotiations to maximise the chance of repayment and create wins for creditors and debtors alike.

Ezi Debt Collection also offers an Advanced Debt Collection process for non-compliant debtors where we can assist you lodge a claim with the relevant Court or Tribunal in your State, which may eventually lead to legal proceedings should payment remain outstanding.

Step 1 - EDC Registration

Before you can upload a debt, you’ll need to create your Ezi Debt Collection account.

Once registered, we’ll need you to complete your Ezi Debt Collection profile so that we can accurately relay this information when contacting debtors.

This will include the nomination of a valid bank account for funds to be deposited to, as well as a nominated credit card for administration fees incurred if inappropriate or unlawful debts are provided.

Once your profile is complete, you may add a debt manually, or integrate with your accounting software to extract debtor information.

Step 2 - Debt Collection

Once a debt has been uploaded, the Ezi Debt Collection team get to work immediately.

The following business day, correspondence is sent via email and letter to your debtor.

A few days after, if payment has not been received, an Ezi Debt Collection team member will contact the debtor by phone to demand payment and facilitate the repayment of the debt.

Real-time updates may be viewed at any time by logging in to your Ezi Debt Collection profile.

Step 3 - Debt Resolution

Repayments made through the Ezi Debt Collection payment gateway will be deposited to your bank account after payment is held in our Trust account for 30 days, with collection and administration fees being deducted automatically.

If debt collection is unsuccessful for any reason, Ezi Debt Collection also offers an Advanced Debt Collection service where we can assist you lodge a claim with the relevant Local Court or Tribunal in your State.