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Ezi Debt Collection Launch

Following years of planning, development and refinement, we’re proud to say that Ezi Debt Collection has officially been launched for Australian businesses.

Ezi Debt Collection wasn’t just a random idea – in fact, it was an idea that came about as a result of a real problem; a couple of years ago, a group of small business people from Sydney had a number of outstanding invoices that they were struggling to collect. Most collection agencies simply wouldn’t touch these debts because they were “too small” to bother with, and those who would, operated on an expensive subscription model which had to be paid irrespective of whether the debt was collected or not.

This is where the Ezi Debt Collection idea was born – a debt collection service which would allow business people to collect on any amount over $50, a “no collection, no fee” policy, and a set % of the collected amount, a fraction of what other collection agencies were charging. Furthermore, the time saved for business owners by not chasing payment could now be used on business development – or at home with family or friends!

Ezi Debt Collection is a debt collection service tailor-made for businesses of any shape or size, whether it’s a single debt for a sole trader, or multiple debts for larger companies. We’ve managed to reduce the cost, and take the risk out of debt collection for businesses – we feel that if you’ve had to wait unnecessarily for payment, you’ve already been through enough.

Ezi Debt Collection stands alone in the Australian debt collection industry as the option made by small business people, for small business people. This is just the beginning – we’re looking to revolutionise the way that business people approach debt collection.

Happy Collecting!

– Ezi Debt Collection