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Vanessa – WHS Consultant

Vanessa is a South-Australia based WHS Consultant with a strong reputation in her industry.

Vanessa was typically able to manage her own accounts receivable; when she encountered a client who repeatedly deferred payment stemming from a deterioration in their working relationship, Vanessa felt that it was time to engage a professional debt collection agency to recover this money.

The Ezi Debt Collection team were able to mediate the situation between the two parties, facilitating the full repayment of the debt whilst creating an outcome which allowed both to feel satisfied and walk away amicably.

Shortly after, we received a lovely testimonial from Vanessa, who was very satisfied with her Ezi Debt Collection Experience.

“Being a small business owner meant I often had trouble getting debts paid, but one client in particular was difficult and our B2B relationship broke down. This had a serious impact on my cash flow.

In desperation I researched debt collection agencies and was dismayed by the cost but I found EDC through MYOB and they have been a complete god send. Not only are they very, very competitive on pricing, they can mediate with clients and they are so courteous and professional.

It has been a true pleasure dealing with these guys and I will be using them again.”

While Vanessa generally had a good handle on her receivables, difficult debtors can rear their head even for the best of us.

In this instance, EDC’s ‘no collection, no fee’ structure with no startup fee was perfect for Vanessa, who was immediately deterred from many other options on the market charging up-front fees or requiring ongoing subscriptions.

Aside from securing debt repayment, the key to Vanessa’s case was effective and understanding mediation of the issues raised by both parties. With the working relationship between organisations having soured, the introduction of a sensitive third party was essential to securing repayment of the debt in an amicable matter.

We’re pleased to say that Ezi Debt Collection’s team were able to come through for Vanessa, successfully mediating the situation and creating an outcome to satisfy both parties.

Our team of Australia-based professionals offer unrivalled expertise in navigating difficult situations with debtors, allowing us to get results where others can’t.

We’d like to thank Vanessa for being an Ezi Debt Collection customer, and for her kind words.