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David – Small Business Owner

David is the owner of a small business which specialises in software development. He employs 14 people. David’s business partner is in charge of Accounts.

At the time of their joining EDC they were owed over $75,000 in overdue accounts. Some of these were a year or more overdue and they ranged from as low as $250 to $6,000.

We reached out to David for details after he sent us this wonderful message:

“As the head of a small company it falls to me to collect on our accounts. This is the part of the job I like the least. Where I could be out getting new clients, or overseeing my business instead I have to be on the phone to people who should have already paid for our labour. EziDebtCollections has made my life so much easier. Just chuck in the debt and it gets paid, no fuss. I have saved so much time and stress thanks to EziDebt and I just wanted to give them a shout out. Hopefully this helps.”

“Hope this helps”; it really does. We love to hear from our clients and we hear success stories like this every day.

When they signed up David’s business partner was spending at least 6 hours a week chasing bad debts. This was time he could have been spending looking after paying accounts, chatting to clients and managing staff, all of which would have generated new revenue.

When we contacted David he informed us that they estimate they have saved over 70 man hours since they joined the system. He gave us permission to check their account.

They signed up on the 25th of the month with just over $44,000 in unpaid accounts, spread across 57 invoices.

They have been signed up for 4 months now and, of that initial $44,000 they have collected on just under $27,000.00, paying only $2,874.56 in fees.

With the 70 man hours saved they have seen a gross return of over $35,000 as a result of EDC. It is also important to note that they have 7 accounts which are now on a payment plans and so their EDC client returns are only going to improve.

Thanks so much to David for reaching out.