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5 Myths About Australian Debt Collection Services

As we ring in 2020, many of us will start the New Year with a resolution or two – go to the gym, lose weight, drink less, take a holiday and spend more time with family and friends.

Your New Year’s Debt Resolution

As a business owner, you’re probably starting to think about 2020. Setting goals to grow your business, get your finances in order, make some capital purchases and streamline your bookkeeping. To minimise your stress levels, make more money and carve out more time for the things in life that matter most.

The team at Ezi Debt Collection understand the world of small business. We also know that one of the biggest causes of stress for small business owners is their cash flow, as a result of unpaid invoices which seem to keep stacking up and demand your immediate attention.

Our customers have told us that their cash flow problems as a result of unpaid invoices tends to come down to the following reasons.

5 Myths About Australian Debt Collection

1. Myth: Business Owners Don’t Have Enough Time

Small business owners are by nature low on time, there’s just too much to be done on a daily basis. As a result of listening to our customers, we’ve specifically designed Ezi Debt Collection as an application that helps you take back your valuable time.

Our platform has the ability to add overdue invoices into our system – quickly, easily and automatically.

“Imagine having your overdue invoices actioned 24 hours a day, 7 days a week either manually or by automatically syncing with your Xero or MYOB or software application. This is literally all you need to do!”

It’s easy to get started, simply go to the Ezi Debt Collection website and create your free account with us today. You can also call us and speak to a real person to see how we can help you save time and recoup overdue invoices.

2. Myth: Business Owners Think Debt Collection Is Too Expensive!

We get it, why would you want to spend more money trying to get paid? The good news is that Ezi Debt Collection is risk free and free to use.

“Ezi Debt Collection is risk free and free to use! …if your debt isn’t collected, there’s no cost to you”

Here’s how it works. If we are not successful in collecting the debt for you, there is no cost to you. If we are successful we charge a very competitive rate of 15% in the form of a collection fee and a $5.00 admin fee. No subscriptions, no ongoing costs.

3. Myth: Your Debts Are Too Small for Debt Collection

We are happy to help you with any debt of more than $50.00. Smaller amounts add up and impact your business, and we understand that at the end of the day you have provided a product or service and deserve to be paid, no matter the amount.

“No debt is too small for Ezi Debt Collection”.

4. The Idea Of The ‘Nasty The Debt Collector’

Gone are the days when someone might receive a knock at the door from two well built blokes there to extract monies owed by any method (we hope!). At Ezi Debt Collection we realise that your debtors were and may again be a valued client and play a role in the future of your business.

“We believe the core reason for our high industry success rate in getting debts paid is a result of the relationship we build with the debtor.”

5. Myth: Debt Collection Means Killing Client Relationships!

We also understand that in 2020, maintaining a positive business reputation, especially in the world of social media is vital.

That’s why we treat your debtors with respect, understanding and clarity to help them move through the process as seamlessly as possible.

That’s Why We’re Different

This is something that differentiates Ezi Debt Collection from our Competitors. We combine a cost effective, easy, automated debt collection service application that allows us to keep the cost to you minimal.

We give you your own personalised debt specialist who will look after all of your debts from beginning to end. This ensures continuity when we contact the debtor.

Make Small Business Debt A Thing Of The Past

So before you sign up to the gym or jump on board the next diet trend, let us help you with something that will make a real impact on your business for 2020.

By making a ‘New Year’s Debt Resolution’, you are setting your business up for a successful year ahead in 2020.

The best part about choosing Ezi Debt Collection is that we do all of the work for you, so here’s one new years resolution that’s easy to stay on the wagon with!

Make small business debt a thing of the past and get in touch with us today.

Give us a call to discuss how we can help you.

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